Current Auditions


Auditions and casting for our next production, Woman in the Window will take place around September 2016. The production has a cast of five actors, some playing mutiple characters.

The actor cast as Henry Parkes will also be required to play:
Edmond Barton, Mr Speaker, Anzac Soldier & Workman 2.

The actor cast as George Bennett will also be required to play:
Workman 1, Male Reveller & Chauffer

The actor cast as Rose Scott will also be required to play:
Female Reveller


We encourage Australian actors or actors living in Australia to Submit Photo & CV to us to be included for consideration.



SARAH PORTER: Performance age - 23 to 51 years old. A first generation Australian. The daughter of a female merchant and property owner. Well educated, attractive, middle class women. As a young woman she knows her own mind, self-confident and determined to improve the social issues of woman of the colony. As she matures she becomes savvy, through experience, to the world of politics.

THOMAS MASON: Performance age – 25 to 82 years old. A first generation Australian. Nephew to Sir Henry Parkes. Well educated, and a talented speech writer. He is lanky and boyishly handsome, with a larrikin personae in his early years. Dedicated and enthusiastic to the Federation movement, and has aspirations of a political life. A romantic, who attimes, finds him wearing his heart of his sleeve. In his later years, he hardens in his attitude to suffering the stupidity of fools or those who oppose him.

GEORGE BENNETT: Performance age – 25 to 82 years old. A first generation Australian. Well educated and straight-laced. Good looking, yet stocky in build and in his younger years appears beyond his age. Set in his ways and prefers everything to be done by the book. Like his friend Thomas he is also dedicated to the Federation movement and has aspirations to a political career.

MR SPEAKER: Performance age – 50 years old. A tradition Speaker of the Lower House in the late 1800’s. Dressed in the full regalia of the office of robe and full length ceremonial wig.

ANZAC SOLDIER – Performance age – 25 years old. Bearded, and a private dressed in full World War One Australian army uniform.


SIR HENRY PARKES: Performance age - 75 years old. Born in Warwickshire, England 1815. Known As the ‘Father of Federation’ Five times Premier of the New South Wales colony. His political career spaned 41 years. Physically impressive though imposing rather than handsome. His vanity, craving for recognition and overbearing manner were concomitants of a ruthless pursuit of personal success. Tenacious on important principals and prejudices. Described as the master of the art of seeming great.

MISS ROSE SCOTT: Performance age - 43 to 51- years old. Born at Glendon near Singleton, New South Wales colony 1847. A Suffragette and Socialite. Accomplished linguist and scholar. Well connected in Sydney society. Persuasive, head strong and single minded. Founding member of the Womanhood Suffrage League. Devoted her adult life to social issues of women. Perfectly feminine, with attractive charm of manner and sweetness but also would question with masculine directness and hold her opinion with a childlike tenacity.

EDMUND BARTON: Performance age – 52 years old. A first generation Australian, born in Glebe, New South Wales colony 1849. He became Australia’s first Prime Minister in 1901. Known to his friends as ‘Toby’ he was described as ‘Australia’s noblest son’. Generous and even tempered and the ability to keep silent. His conversation rarely lacked humour and wit. Scrupulously impartial, keen and quick intellect, genial and easy going. Had no interest in the game of politics for its own sake.


WORKMAN 1: Tradesman of the 1900's.

WORKMAN 2: Tradesman of the 1940's.

MALE AND FEMALE REVELLER: Early 1900's working class

CHAUFFEUR (Stevens): Performance age 30 years old. Clean shaven, of the 1948 period