Libine Azevedo & Kate Hall in
Deaf, Blind & Dumb (2011)

Greg Bepper's Thunderbolt Theatre Productions only have one criteria for their productions: the produced plays are totally Australian. All of our plays are uniquely Australian with a cast of primarily Australian characters, and written by Australian playwrights.

The topic, the era, the genre, the style have always been completely open for consideration when we commenced in 2010 and this diversity will continue in the future. Producing both adult and youth theatre productions for regional theatre audiences, and touring the majority of our plays.

Our past productions have reflected this criteria, taking our audiences from inside the mind of a multiple personality (Blocked) to Australian tourists stranded together in Fiji (Just My Luck). From the victims side of discrimination (Deaf, Blind & Dumb) to the cold street life of the homeless (Under The Bridge)

Our 2016/17 season of six plays written by our playwright in residence, Greg Bepper, opens up a new era for Thunderbolt. We have taken the giant leap to be a fully professional theatre production company. Thunderbolt Theatre Productions is now a commercial venture, complete with union approved wages for actors and crew and full commercial fees for theatre hire.

Thunderbolt Theatre Productions 2016/17 season:

Woman in the Window
[Drama] A fictional love story set among the historical events leading to Australian Federation and beyond

Right as Rainbows
[Comedy] When an obsession becomes a way of life, there is no telling what lengths you will go to preserve it.

Times Are A Changing
[Drama] Three people, three lives, three eras, all clash on the last day of their life.

Just My Luck
[Comedy] When a holiday competition win to an island paradise turns into an emotional ride to hell

Under The Bridge
[Drama] Never judge a book by its cover till you listen to the story inside.

The Gift
[Drama] Six teenagers fending for themselves during The Great Depression on a remote property in rural Australia.

Future plays currently in draft:

It's All About Orson
[Comedy] Being radio stars in the 1940's has its drawbacks when real life gets in the way.

It's Art For Phart Sake!
[Comedy] The annual community art show get's a shake up when the local council cuts their budget.